We Have a Winner! Crowd Sourcing Works!


Mary Douglass Kirkley!!

When we set out to create a name for the CLC blog it became clear that maybe we should push this out to the  universe and see what happens.  Overwhelmed with the responses we received it was clear that crowd sourcing lived up to its reputation.  Then by allowing our followers to vote on the entries we received an equally pleasant response.  So with that we have named our blog       The Chalkboard

A little about Mary

Mary is a mother of three with a teenager and has returned to the workforce as a workers compensation adjuster.  When she finds the time she enjoys reading, writing, walking, exercising and of course… cooking!

Here are Mary’s answers to some practical and fun questions we asked.

  • After reading about Carolina Learning Connection, what are some of your thoughts?  alternative to the community college!!!
  • Have you ever been a student in a lifelong learning or community education program? I have recently taken the adjuster licensing courses for insurance, at CPCC.  It was a very long drive at really bad times.
  • Do you brush your teeth more than once a day? ALWAYS.  Got my first cavity when I turned 50!
  • Name three classes you would like to see us offer? I would love for you to offer a test prep class for insurance adjusters.  The exam is difficult, and many do not pass after taking the courses at CPCC.  Yoga.  Dancing (not ballroom) .
  • If you had a pet Iguana what would you name it?  Bogart
  • What recommendation would you make in order for us to improve anything about our website or blog? None at this time!!
We couldn’t be more happy with the new name and we can’t wait to see what Mary has to say on her guest blog!


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