Microfarm Urban Organic Gardening Classes

Atherton Mill and Market

We were in search of an Organic Gardening person to teach a workshop through CLC.  It was an unusually warm Saturday in December when my wife and I happened upon Atherton Mill and Market while touring on our motorcycle.

Matt Kokenes,

When I got off the bike and saw Matt’s signage and his raised bed organic garden, it hit me…. This is the guy to teach the class.  When we first discussed it the enthusiasm was palpable between us.  He is highly knowledgeable and passionate about his craft.  Moreover he’s a genuine guy with all the trimmings of a true entrepreneur and the humility of a gardener.

Why take a class?

Fresh Healthy Produce picked at home. If you have an inerest in growing fresh organic produce you will learn how to amend soil to promote healthy growth, appreciate the easy care of a raised bed and how to grow and harvest quality organic produce right from your own backyard, terrace, or rooftop! Have some fun, spend time with friends and family.


We have a class tonight 3/20 at Atherton Mill and Market 7:00pm to 8:30pm registration ends at Noon today.  We also have a class tomorrow, same place, time and registration deadline Noon tomorrow.

We want you to Bring a Buddy for $10.00!  Register here, put “Buddy” in the promotion code box on the registration page and with your paid registration you can add a buddy for $10.00.  We’ll take  care of the rest.


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