What a Great Cup of Coffee

Or was it the Conversation

After settling in to a booth and arranging my stuff I was on the lookout for the person I was to meet.  Rob Burbank walked into the Caribou on East Blvd and I hailed him over.  We talked for a bit to learn how each of us had arrived at this particular place our lives and then got down to “business”.

Rob started telling about his role at Speak-Up Magazine a nonprofit based in Charlotte, NC. He talked about how their purpose is to give a voice to those without one, speak up for the voiceless and educate the public about the marginalized among us.

Our conversation went all over the place and the energy was palpable because there was a shared understanding and appreciation between us of how helping our less fortunate brothers and sisters needs to change.  Admittedly, neither of us are an authority on the topic of the hungry and homeless but we both have participated in outreach programs that while not the “answer” provides comfort.

Speak Up Magazine has mobilized a forgotten but effective way for some of our proud citizens to create their own future.  They get to realize self-worth and a sense of accomplishment once thought to be reserved for someone else.

Speak Up Magazine is endeavoring to change how these unique and special people view themselves through the process of becoming a relevant and necessary part of the fabric of our community.

It’s a unique and worthwhile effort that will change lives.  To learn more click on the link above!

Rob will be at Launching Carolina Learning Connection on Tuesday May 1 at Atherton Market 6:30


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