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Clarity in Vision

I understand the difference between a board and council yet what really matters is whether either match the company message .  It was suggested months ago to assemble an advisory council to help guide the direction of CLC.  Its brilliant and while I do regret not moving on it sooner I am glad for the reason below that I didn’t.

It was at a forum the other day with 12 people I hold in high esteem with their collective knowledge when it hit me that I could be looking at the advisory council.  Then I began to look closer and considered what the message of CLC was and who was at the table.  It became clear that while the knowledge and leadership was impressive it wasn’t consistent with the vision or message of CLC.

Can you Handle the Truth

I have served on and attended council and board meetings thinking I was doing something great.  Then it dawned on me at the forum as I sat quietly and reflected on these meetings I had attended or been a part of where the other members looked just like me.  I was saddened at my lack of insight while at these meetings yet inside at that moment I was busting with excitement that I had a chance to make a difference… NOW!

Walking The Walk

Carolina Learning Connection is a lifelong learning, community education or adult learning platform that embraces the community we live in by encouraging diversity at the advisory level.  We are about inclusion and giving a voice to our student community in how we design our classes!

Does it Matter to YOU?

Now’s your chance to be a part of something special, won’t you join us?

Just click this link: I want to be a part of your advisory council and tell us about yourself

Peace to you friend… Marc

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