Charlotte Business Class

Education, support and a resource for Charlotte’s business owners.


After speaking with over 100 business owners and asking what they knew about SEO, Social Media, QR CodesAnalytics, CMS, Blogging, Email Campaigns etc. the apparent majority acknowledged they knew little about some and less about others.  More importantly there was little or no correlation on how the use or implementation would impact the success of their company.

Why now?

Business owners learn a little about the benefit of internet marketing or social media and blindly decide to “get in the game.”  There are so many self proclaimed experts today that it’s difficult to know who is the genuine article.


To provide business owners an affordable resource to learn how emerging technologies can be applied to   their unique business model in a comfortable “NO SALES” atmosphere with other business owners.


We want business owners with 1-25 people to come away from our classes understanding enough about the subject and how it applies to their business model, the growth of the company and impact on the bottom line.  Our goal is not to create experts it’s to help owners evaluate and appreciate the benefit of these initiatives in their business and whether or not to implement them.

Charlotte Business Class has taken the time to identify experts in these topics and will be putting together   a class schedule for you to review and decide which class to enroll in.  We are using digital marketing as the platform to distribute this schedule now and going forward.

Can you benefit?

If you would like a schedule of classes and workshops contact us and give us your information by clicking on this link Carolina Learning Connection 

Wishing you the best that life has to offer!!

Marc Chavaree

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