Are you the real McCoy?

Business Owners Need Help!

Business owners are constantly being solicited by purveyors of social media expertise or SEO after SEO solutions to magically put your company in the top spot.  It’s usually followed by a very savvy “sales pitch” where if you sign up today they’ll make it worth your while.

Or what about the amount of website developers that are operating out of their bedroom or if your lucky an insulated garage that has little or no redundancy so your site in vulnerable to outages and crashes.  Then there’s the “Roulette Wheel” cost to develop your site and all the little extra’s that run up quite a fee.  Then throw in “E” Commerce and look out the website and media junkies see you like a Tri-Fecta .

So Are You the Real McCoy?

Take a look at our previous blog where we talk about our specific purpose and mission. I know there are exceptionally talented people and business owners that can fill the need for the classes we want to offer and for the reasons we offer them.  So if you have what it takes and can provide the subject matter to help our clients make informed decisions on what makes sense for their very unique and individual business model then reach out to us.

Business Owners Speak Up!

Speak up and let your needs be known.   We have talked to and have relationships with businesses that are just about our size and they like the direction we are taking to help business owners.  Thank you and that makes us feel great!  Here’s the rub!  Business owners speak up and tell us what you need to help you be a better owner, do you have questions on Quickbooks, blogging, email campaigns or QR codes.  What about the soft skills like employee relationships or process improvement? Do you need Six Sigma or will a detailed work flow provide what you need?

Make a difference…   Charlotte Business Class

Tell us what you got and how you want to help and we’ll make it happen!


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