Our Mission

  • Create access to community education and lifelong learning classes or workshops that offer personal and professional enrichment where adults can grow, learn and connect with like-minded people.

Our Purpose

  • Continue to stoke the fire which burns for the endless pursuit of knowledge in each of us.  Give opportunity to all who have the want to share their knowledge and give a part of themselves with hope they made a difference.
  • Sorry folks, we don’t do webinars, distance learning or video series. Our teachers are real and our students like being around other people who like being around other people.
  • You can like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or even connect on LinkedIn but you will only find our classes outside of your home or office.
  • So come on take a class, all the cool kids are doing it!

Our Process

  • It is our commitment to make the wish to teach and to enroll in a class as easy as possible. Students will never have to apply, ALL are welcome! We welcome all feedback good or constructively phrased for improvement. Too PC?

Our Place

  • We have many places around Charlotte where our classes are taught that allows our teachers to be in the communities where they live. Isn’t that cool? At the same time we do have an office with people who put all this together so feel free to drop in and say “hi”, we’d love it, our address is on the contact page. Yes a real address and real people right here in Charlotte, imagine?

Please visit www.CarolinaLearningConnection.com for more info.


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