Ignore What?                                               

How businesses as small as 1 person and as large as (well you get the picture) are taking the initiative to learn about and implement some of the most cost efficient and effective ways to expand their reach. They enhance the client experience, improving the ability for potential customers to learn about their company on the clients time.   USA Today Article  

Social Media, Video Marketing, Blogging, Email Campaigns, Analytics, SEO, Prospecting, QR Codes, Mobile Marketing, Client Portals, White Pages, Landing Pages.

Where do you turn, who do you talk to about this stuff?  Do any of these work for YOUR business and do you have to hire someone or do you outsource it?   Biz Journal Article

Small Groups of like-minded business people learn more together!

No earth shattering news here!  Our method of informal  but highly focused 1 to 2 hour learning sessions from industry experts allow you to walk away with enough information to make an good decision on how to move forward with NO sales pitch. There is always time for Q&A                 Article from Emergence Consulting 

Meet some of the Charlotte Business Class team!

David Walizer Certified Internet Marketing Consultant.  I have had the opportunity to attend David’s classes and have been a part of several round table discussions with him.  David is most noticeably interested in what you have to say and to ensure that you are getting what you need from his classes. David’s Business FB page and LinkedIn Information

Steve Gatter Founder of Street Smart Sales Forum a “no cost” initiative to help micro-business owners, sales professionals and entrepreneurs start or grow their businesses.  I have also attended Steve’s classes and attended nearly every SSSF meeting since May.  Of Steve it can be said that he will challenge conventional thinking and inspire you to challenge it as well.  Don’t ever say “That’s the way we’ve always done it”.  Steve’s Linked Information  

Phillip Brent QR Code and mobile marketing strategist.  Phillip was referred to me by Bob DeMers and we have discussed several teaching opportunities for Phillip.  His knowledge and enthusiasm for QR Codes and Mobile Marketing will engage you to deploy a mobile marketing solution for your business.  Phillp’s Web Site

Classes are coming soon!

Follow this blog, like us on Facebook or Twitter and we will keep you posted.  As always, if there is a personal or professional enrichment class you would like us to offer. Please let us know right here!

Business Owners Need Help!

Business owners are constantly being solicited by purveyors of social media expertise or SEO after SEO solutions to magically put your company in the top spot.  It’s usually followed by a very savvy “sales pitch” where if you sign up today they’ll make it worth your while.

Or what about the amount of website developers that are operating out of their bedroom or if your lucky an insulated garage that has little or no redundancy so your site in vulnerable to outages and crashes.  Then there’s the “Roulette Wheel” cost to develop your site and all the little extra’s that run up quite a fee.  Then throw in “E” Commerce and look out the website and media junkies see you like a Tri-Fecta .

So Are You the Real McCoy?

Take a look at our previous blog where we talk about our specific purpose and mission. I know there are exceptionally talented people and business owners that can fill the need for the classes we want to offer and for the reasons we offer them.  So if you have what it takes and can provide the subject matter to help our clients make informed decisions on what makes sense for their very unique and individual business model then reach out to us.

Business Owners Speak Up!

Speak up and let your needs be known.   We have talked to and have relationships with businesses that are just about our size and they like the direction we are taking to help business owners.  Thank you and that makes us feel great!  Here’s the rub!  Business owners speak up and tell us what you need to help you be a better owner, do you have questions on Quickbooks, blogging, email campaigns or QR codes.  What about the soft skills like employee relationships or process improvement? Do you need Six Sigma or will a detailed work flow provide what you need?

Make a difference…   Charlotte Business Class

Tell us what you got and how you want to help and we’ll make it happen!

Education, support and a resource for Charlotte’s business owners.


After speaking with over 100 business owners and asking what they knew about SEO, Social Media, QR CodesAnalytics, CMS, Blogging, Email Campaigns etc. the apparent majority acknowledged they knew little about some and less about others.  More importantly there was little or no correlation on how the use or implementation would impact the success of their company.

Why now?

Business owners learn a little about the benefit of internet marketing or social media and blindly decide to “get in the game.”  There are so many self proclaimed experts today that it’s difficult to know who is the genuine article.


To provide business owners an affordable resource to learn how emerging technologies can be applied to   their unique business model in a comfortable “NO SALES” atmosphere with other business owners.


We want business owners with 1-25 people to come away from our classes understanding enough about the subject and how it applies to their business model, the growth of the company and impact on the bottom line.  Our goal is not to create experts it’s to help owners evaluate and appreciate the benefit of these initiatives in their business and whether or not to implement them.

Charlotte Business Class has taken the time to identify experts in these topics and will be putting together   a class schedule for you to review and decide which class to enroll in.  We are using digital marketing as the platform to distribute this schedule now and going forward.

Can you benefit?

If you would like a schedule of classes and workshops contact us and give us your information by clicking on this link Carolina Learning Connection 

Wishing you the best that life has to offer!!

Marc Chavaree

Clarity in Vision

I understand the difference between a board and council yet what really matters is whether either match the company message .  It was suggested months ago to assemble an advisory council to help guide the direction of CLC.  Its brilliant and while I do regret not moving on it sooner I am glad for the reason below that I didn’t.

It was at a forum the other day with 12 people I hold in high esteem with their collective knowledge when it hit me that I could be looking at the advisory council.  Then I began to look closer and considered what the message of CLC was and who was at the table.  It became clear that while the knowledge and leadership was impressive it wasn’t consistent with the vision or message of CLC.

Can you Handle the Truth

I have served on and attended council and board meetings thinking I was doing something great.  Then it dawned on me at the forum as I sat quietly and reflected on these meetings I had attended or been a part of where the other members looked just like me.  I was saddened at my lack of insight while at these meetings yet inside at that moment I was busting with excitement that I had a chance to make a difference… NOW!

Walking The Walk

Carolina Learning Connection is a lifelong learning, community education or adult learning platform that embraces the community we live in by encouraging diversity at the advisory level.  We are about inclusion and giving a voice to our student community in how we design our classes!

Does it Matter to YOU?

Now’s your chance to be a part of something special, won’t you join us?

Just click this link: I want to be a part of your advisory council and tell us about yourself

Peace to you friend… Marc


Mary Douglass Kirkley!!

When we set out to create a name for the CLC blog it became clear that maybe we should push this out to the  universe and see what happens.  Overwhelmed with the responses we received it was clear that crowd sourcing lived up to its reputation.  Then by allowing our followers to vote on the entries we received an equally pleasant response.  So with that we have named our blog       The Chalkboard

A little about Mary

Mary is a mother of three with a teenager and has returned to the workforce as a workers compensation adjuster.  When she finds the time she enjoys reading, writing, walking, exercising and of course… cooking!

Here are Mary’s answers to some practical and fun questions we asked.

  • After reading about Carolina Learning Connection, what are some of your thoughts?  alternative to the community college!!!
  • Have you ever been a student in a lifelong learning or community education program? I have recently taken the adjuster licensing courses for insurance, at CPCC.  It was a very long drive at really bad times.
  • Do you brush your teeth more than once a day? ALWAYS.  Got my first cavity when I turned 50!
  • Name three classes you would like to see us offer? I would love for you to offer a test prep class for insurance adjusters.  The exam is difficult, and many do not pass after taking the courses at CPCC.  Yoga.  Dancing (not ballroom) .
  • If you had a pet Iguana what would you name it?  Bogart
  • What recommendation would you make in order for us to improve anything about our website or blog? None at this time!!
We couldn’t be more happy with the new name and we can’t wait to see what Mary has to say on her guest blog!

Good Afternoon!

Man is it a beautiful day in Charlotte.  We have some great news to share with our followers about our new relationship with Carrie Ann Taylor (CAT) and her company Catalyst Unlimited Inc.  She will be providing much-needed support to our teacher and student relations as well as editing our website and maintaining our class management software.

Catalyst Unlimited Inc.
Virtual assistance, event planning, project management, administrative support, marketing/PR, and booking/reservations for organizations, corporations, individuals, and events of all sizes and any industry.
Name the Blog Contest Update – Chalkboard it is

We have a winner and her name is  Mary Douglass Kirkley from Ballantyne.  Mary and I are collaborating now on her blog for us.  Congratulations Mary!

March Classes Enrolling Now – Click on the Class Title for dates, times and locations!
May/June Semester is enrolling as well and we are adding more classes every day.
I have worked hard to get CLC off the ground since November and since then I have met some incredibly generous and talented people who have continued to give me inspiration.  Many took a special interest and became surrogate partners, mentors offering insightful and well placed ideas or suggestions.  Being an entrepreneur isn’t anything new to me, I am a successful business owner in an entirely different industry besides Lifelong Learning or Community Education, I am an accomplished builder.

The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. It is never of any use to oneself.

To these inspiring people who have embraced CLC and the vision of accessible, affordable, lifelong learning in Charlotte, you have kept my spirits high and my tank full.

The list is long and I won’t attempt to name them for fear I would invariably leave someone out and feel worse about it than them.  You can find them in my contacts on LinkedIn, or ask me for a referral on nearly every business need you have.  Some have elected to teach at CLC, but you know who you are and lives will be enriched because of you!

Thank you, Marc

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