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A Beautiful Spring Evening Event

Wow, what a ride, I can’t believe we’re here.  When we started putting all this together back in November 2011 there was no way to anticipate all the parts and pieces that needed to be in place to make this work.  There will be time to recognize and thank those that encouraged and cheered us on but for now we have an event to announce.

Launching Carolina Learning Connection

Join us Tuesday, May 1st at 6:30 in the newly renovated Atherton Market in lovely South End.

  • Come and learn about Charlotte’s newest alternative to personal enrichment
  • Meet some of the wonderful teachers
  • Music by the Tsunami Waveriders
  • Enjoy tasty local creations from the dedicated vendors at the Market
  • A chance to win a $75.00 gift certificate
  • Enroll in a class and we’ll waive the $5.00 registration fee
  • Fabulous Prizes

May June Semester Class Highlights

  • Political Conventions: What Every American Should Know.  With the Democratic Convention coming to Charlotte, this will be a fun and entertaining look at this rich slice of American history.
  • Improvisational Theater: Introduction to that zany unpredictable acting and see a side of you unseen before.
  • Considering Selling Your Home? Attend one of our workshops that will give you ideas and examples that you can immediately use to impress potential buyers.

A Couple of Thoughts

Listen, I need to be perfectly upfront here.  Never in my wildest hallucinations did I ever picture myself here.  Not here Charlotte, but here, blogging about a lifelong learning platform that was inspired by another lifelong learning platform.  My wife has been unbelievably supportive, my 8 year old daughter wants to start her own learning platform for kids and has thought up some pretty cool classes.  I’m a builder, I’ve used my hands all my life to make things for other people not a lifelong learning guy.  Maybe that’s why I’ve completely enjoyed going from nothing to this on an idea that the good people of Charlotte would like it.

I’ve taken a vision and put 100% of what I know, which isn’t a lot, into something that if the good Lord see’s fit, will be something special. I may be living in a dream, but it beats the alternative.

So come to our Launch Event and say hello, I’d love to meet you and say “thank you” personally for spending some time with us.

Chasing the dream… Marc


Scott Pacitti and the Chuckleheads!

I decided to take my 8 years old daughter on a date with Dad to go see the Chuckleheads Improvisational Theater act at the Ballantyne Arts Center last night.  I met Scott about a month ago and his account of how he became involved in Improv was captivating so the next logical question was… What’s Improv all about?  I knew what Improv was in theory because of TV shows that required actors to improvise like “Whose Line is it Anyway” you remember! No?

That all came to life last night for my daughter, me and what I suspect were 30 or 40 others in the audience as the cast would think on their feet and improvise their lines which by itself was hilarious.  The performance escalated with greater degrees of situational factors that an all too willing audience provided.

There was singing, dancing, acting, falling, crying and every bit of it was just ridiculously funny.

Scott and the cast were great, my daughter woke up talking about it so now she wants to become a Chucklehead!

Scott is teaching a class on Improvisational Theater with us so come check it out, learn the secrets and how improvisational theater can help you communicate with a level of confidence you didn’t think possible!

Charlotte Observer Article on Scott Pacitti

With Matt Kokenes

Matt owns Microfarm Organic Gardens which is solely devoted to organic edible gardening.  He feels everyone should have the opportunity to grow their own fruits, vegetables and herbs, so he designs gardens of all shapes and sizes, out of a range of materials, to suit any taste and budget. He knows that not everyone has a green thumb, or a lot of free time, so he’s also available to tackle the routine maintenance that’s critical to make sure of a healthy harvest.  He believes strongly in using renewable resources in our organic gardens, and can help you begin recycling programs that will turn available material like leaves and food scraps into rich, organic compost, and collect and use rainwater in your garden.

Fresh Healthy Produce picked at home

You will learn how to amend soil to promote healthy growth, appreciate the easy care of a raised bed and how to grow and harvest quality organic produce right from your own backyard, terrace, or rooftop!

Register right here at Carolina Learning Connection

Check out Matt getting some press

NBC News Channel 36 on Microfarm Gardens from Microfarm Organic Gardens on Vimeo.

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning (Photo credit: Carol VanHook)

Carolina Learning Connection launches lifelong learning and community education program in Charlotte, NC

Carolina Learning Connection offers adult learners an easy way to find courses or workshops that excites and motivates them. The teachers are subject matter experts that want to share their knowledge with a group of like-minded people in a comfortable environment.  Classes vary from culinary, photography and cooking, to inbound marketing, social media and business technology.

Get out of the house and be with people who like to be with people to Grow, Learn and Connect.

See our classes for March!

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