Mary Douglass Kirkley!!

When we set out to create a name for the CLC blog it became clear that maybe we should push this out to the  universe and see what happens.  Overwhelmed with the responses we received it was clear that crowd sourcing lived up to its reputation.  Then by allowing our followers to vote on the entries we received an equally pleasant response.  So with that we have named our blog       The Chalkboard

A little about Mary

Mary is a mother of three with a teenager and has returned to the workforce as a workers compensation adjuster.  When she finds the time she enjoys reading, writing, walking, exercising and of course… cooking!

Here are Mary’s answers to some practical and fun questions we asked.

  • After reading about Carolina Learning Connection, what are some of your thoughts?  alternative to the community college!!!
  • Have you ever been a student in a lifelong learning or community education program? I have recently taken the adjuster licensing courses for insurance, at CPCC.  It was a very long drive at really bad times.
  • Do you brush your teeth more than once a day? ALWAYS.  Got my first cavity when I turned 50!
  • Name three classes you would like to see us offer? I would love for you to offer a test prep class for insurance adjusters.  The exam is difficult, and many do not pass after taking the courses at CPCC.  Yoga.  Dancing (not ballroom) .
  • If you had a pet Iguana what would you name it?  Bogart
  • What recommendation would you make in order for us to improve anything about our website or blog? None at this time!!
We couldn’t be more happy with the new name and we can’t wait to see what Mary has to say on her guest blog!

Good Afternoon!

Man is it a beautiful day in Charlotte.  We have some great news to share with our followers about our new relationship with Carrie Ann Taylor (CAT) and her company Catalyst Unlimited Inc.  She will be providing much-needed support to our teacher and student relations as well as editing our website and maintaining our class management software.

Catalyst Unlimited Inc.
Virtual assistance, event planning, project management, administrative support, marketing/PR, and booking/reservations for organizations, corporations, individuals, and events of all sizes and any industry.
Name the Blog Contest Update – Chalkboard it is

We have a winner and her name is  Mary Douglass Kirkley from Ballantyne.  Mary and I are collaborating now on her blog for us.  Congratulations Mary!

March Classes Enrolling Now – Click on the Class Title for dates, times and locations!
May/June Semester is enrolling as well and we are adding more classes every day.

Scott Pacitti and the Chuckleheads!

I decided to take my 8 years old daughter on a date with Dad to go see the Chuckleheads Improvisational Theater act at the Ballantyne Arts Center last night.  I met Scott about a month ago and his account of how he became involved in Improv was captivating so the next logical question was… What’s Improv all about?  I knew what Improv was in theory because of TV shows that required actors to improvise like “Whose Line is it Anyway” you remember! No?

That all came to life last night for my daughter, me and what I suspect were 30 or 40 others in the audience as the cast would think on their feet and improvise their lines which by itself was hilarious.  The performance escalated with greater degrees of situational factors that an all too willing audience provided.

There was singing, dancing, acting, falling, crying and every bit of it was just ridiculously funny.

Scott and the cast were great, my daughter woke up talking about it so now she wants to become a Chucklehead!

Scott is teaching a class on Improvisational Theater with us so come check it out, learn the secrets and how improvisational theater can help you communicate with a level of confidence you didn’t think possible!

Charlotte Observer Article on Scott Pacitti

I have worked hard to get CLC off the ground since November and since then I have met some incredibly generous and talented people who have continued to give me inspiration.  Many took a special interest and became surrogate partners, mentors offering insightful and well placed ideas or suggestions.  Being an entrepreneur isn’t anything new to me, I am a successful business owner in an entirely different industry besides Lifelong Learning or Community Education, I am an accomplished builder.

The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. It is never of any use to oneself.

To these inspiring people who have embraced CLC and the vision of accessible, affordable, lifelong learning in Charlotte, you have kept my spirits high and my tank full.

The list is long and I won’t attempt to name them for fear I would invariably leave someone out and feel worse about it than them.  You can find them in my contacts on LinkedIn, or ask me for a referral on nearly every business need you have.  Some have elected to teach at CLC, but you know who you are and lives will be enriched because of you!

Thank you, Marc

The LUCKY winner and literary genius will win Fabulous Prizes! $300.00 in tuition towards any class offered by Carolina Learning Connection in the next 12 months, That’s awesome! We will also invite the winner to guest author on our newly named blog, Very nice, and if the winner wants they may get a $150.00 gift certificate in place of the tuition credit, now isn’t that something?

A BIG thanks to all of you who sent in an entry and put your best creative effort forward… Or not.  Just to make sure no one feels awkward we’re gonna leave the names of the entrants off and just put their entries up for you to vote on.  If you don’t see your entry here it’s because our gate keepers had other thoughts..sorry.

Voting will stop Monday, March, 12, 5:00 Eastern.  We will contact the winner by email on Tuesday.  GOOD LUCK!

To vote just click here and the rest is easy
  1. CLiC – because once you learn something, it just “clicks” in your head. And I would use the words inside a lightbulb, the way a lightbulb clicks on . . . just a thought 🙂
  2. Chalkboard
  3. Carolina Crossroads
  4. From The Learning Tree
  5. Branching Out
  6. Acorns and Anecdotes
  7. TribalKnowledge
  8. Click

With Matt Kokenes

Matt owns Microfarm Organic Gardens which is solely devoted to organic edible gardening.  He feels everyone should have the opportunity to grow their own fruits, vegetables and herbs, so he designs gardens of all shapes and sizes, out of a range of materials, to suit any taste and budget. He knows that not everyone has a green thumb, or a lot of free time, so he’s also available to tackle the routine maintenance that’s critical to make sure of a healthy harvest.  He believes strongly in using renewable resources in our organic gardens, and can help you begin recycling programs that will turn available material like leaves and food scraps into rich, organic compost, and collect and use rainwater in your garden.

Fresh Healthy Produce picked at home

You will learn how to amend soil to promote healthy growth, appreciate the easy care of a raised bed and how to grow and harvest quality organic produce right from your own backyard, terrace, or rooftop!

Register right here at Carolina Learning Connection

Check out Matt getting some press

NBC News Channel 36 on Microfarm Gardens from Microfarm Organic Gardens on Vimeo.

Rachel Cogar, an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional, entrepreneur and business woman with experience ranging from marketing consultation and strategic planning to creative design and copy writing. Ms. Cogar has has launched multiple businesses over the last 7 years and is owner of Puma Creative 

A graduate of Winthrop University, Ms. Cogar has an extensive background in communications with more than 15 years of experience in research, strategic planning and journalism. Her writing has been published in various venues over the past 17 years.

In 2009, Rachel was named a Marketing Impact Leader by Business Leader Media, and in 2010 was named a Top 50 Entrepreneur in Charlotte.

See the details of the class and Register at Carolina Learning Connection

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